Newsletter terms

Terms of subscription to Weave newsletter

 These Regulations were issued under Article. 8 paragraph. 1 of the Act of 18 July 2002. On electronic services (consolidated text Journal of Laws 2016 position 1030) in order to determine the rules for the subscription and the rights and obligations of the subscriber and the service provider.
I. Statutory Definitions
The terms used herein have the following meanings:
service provider – Splot Artystyczny Sp. z o.o.
Jana i Jędrzeja Śniadeckich 17, 00-654 Warszawa, Poland
tax number: 7010437535
tel. 22 628 49 91, 797 366 514
hereinafter referred to as: Splot
Weave – commercial brand maid to label garments produced and sold by the Splot,
newsletter– information transmitted regularly to the email address provided during registration in the database of subscribers,
subscriber – natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, which ordered a subscription newsletter service,
subscription – service of cyclic electronic transmission of the newsletter,
registration – order of a subscription newsletter, the act of entering email address to the database of subscribers, necessary for the implementation of this service,
cookies – computer data, in particular text files that are stored in the terminal equipment of the user and are intended for the use of websites, used to ensure the proper functioning or to improve the use of the Internet from a service provider.
II. Conclusion and termination of service agreement of Weave newsletter
1. Using of the Weave newsletter service is voluntary and free.
2. Every Internet user interested in this service is eligible for the newsletter and registration in the database of subscribers.
3. Before using the Weave newsletter service the person joining its subscription agrees to the following terms.
4. Electronic Newsletter is sent by Splot to those who have given their consent to receive commercial information pursuant to Art. 10 paragraph. 2 of the Act of 18 July 2002. On electronic services.
5. You can join the newsletter subscription service, by entering an email address in the newsletter registration form on page and make positive verification of the specified e-mail address through the Splot.
6. After receiving the e-mail address of the subscriber service provider will send an authorizing e-mail to that address. After the full authorization, the subscriber can receive the Weave newsletter via e-mail.
7. A person who while ordering the newsletter subscription provides false information or gives electronic mail address of a third party without their knowledge and consent, will be held responsible for any liabilities and or damages to Splot in the case of notification by the third party of any claims against the Splot.
8. The subscriber may at any time cancel the subscription, and thus withdraw consent for processing the personal data given.
9. To unsubscribe from the newsletter the subscriber should send an e-mail to titled RESIGNATION from the e-mail account, which is registered to the subscription, and that the subscriber wants to unregister.
10. The Service Provider reserves that the newsletter will not be sent to the e-mail addresses, which there has been a return message sent from expressing the desire to resign.
11. Subscriber agrees to electronic transfers of commercial information as defined in the Act of 18 July 2002. On electronic services and the processing of the collected data for contacts via e-mail to inform about new products, services or promotions of products offered by the weave.
III. Types and range of services provided electronically
1. The service provider will send information about promotions, news and special campaigns conducted by the Splot and trivia and information related to the brand Weave to subscribers via the newsletter.
2. No illegal content will be delivered to the user through the newsletter.
IV. Conditions of the provision of electronic services
To use the newsletter service it is necessary to maintain the following minimum technical requirements: access to the Internet, any Web browser installed and an active and properly configured e-mail.
V. Personal data protection
1. Subscriber joining the newsletter subscription at the same time agrees to have his registration data included in the personal data set of Weave newsletter subscribers, and the processing of said data for sending the newsletter. The transmitted data, ie. e-mail address and possibly other personal data may also be processed for the legitimate purposes of the data administrator, if the data processing does not violate the rights and freedoms of the data subject. E-mail addresses of subscribers will be stored and processed for the purpose of implementing subscriptions at the headquarters of Splot Artystyczny sp. z o.o., 17 Jana i Jędrzeja Śniadeckich street. The consent to the processing of personal data is voluntary, but the lack of consent to the processing of personal data makes it impossible to transfer the newsletter.
2. Consent to the processing of personal data may be revoked at any time, which will result in the removal of your e-mail from Weave newsletter service mailing list.
3. Weave is also a data administrator in accordance with the regulations of the Act of 29 August 1997. Protection of Personal Data (consolidated text Journal of Laws 2016 position 922). Personal data contained in the database of the service provider are not communicated to those not involved in sending the newsletter, unless the obligation to provide the data required by law. Subscriber in accordance with the law above has the right to inspect their personal data and the ability to correct them. Splot provides each user with the right to control the processing of data in accordance with art. 32 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data.
4. The data administrator will not allow the entrusted e-mail addresses to third parties, except for service providers involved with the data set.
VI. Complaints procedure
Any complaints related to the newsletter service should be reported to Splot e-mail: . Filing a complaint should include a description of the situation, which is to be considered as well as an indication of the expected outcome. Complaints will be processed within 14 days from the date of receipt by the service provider. The results of the complaint will be sent to the e-mail addresses from which sent the notification.
VII. The responsibility of the service provider
The Service Provider is not responsible for incorrect implementation of newsletter subscriptions due to:
a. force majeure,
b. failure resulting from the fault of the subscriber or irregularities in the computer system of the subscriber,
c. the quality of the subscriber's link (connection) to the Internet,
d. failure of subscriber's Internet providers equipment.
VIII. Final Provisions
1. The Service provider has at any time right to change, modify or discontinue transmitting the Weave newsletter without prior notice.
2. In the event of invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Regulations, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.
3. Weave reserves the right to change these regulations by posting an updated version on the website In this case, the service provider will send the subscriber an updated version of the Rules to the specified e-mail address. If the subscriber does not accept the changes, he may cancel the newsletter in the manner specified in the regulations. If within 14 days from the date of dispatch of an updated version of the Regulations to the subscriber, the subscriber do not give up on the newsletter subscription it is assumed that he accepted the rules in the revised wording of the end of the 14th day from the date of its message.
4. Regulations are available on the website at and shall enter into force upon its publication.