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1. [Cookies on the Site]
1.1 Splot Artystyczny Sp. z o.o., 17 Jana i Jędrzeja Śniadeckich street, 00-654 Warszawa, tax number: 7010437535, REGON 147393149, registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register (registration files maintained by District Court for the City of Warsaw, XII Commercial Department of National Court Register) under the number 0000521608, with share capital amounting to PLN 5.000,00 (hereinafter referred to as „Splot”) collects and processes data collected by cookies on user activity (hereinafter referred to also as "users") of this website stated at (hereinafter referred to also as "service" or "website").
1.2 Cookies are information technology data occurring usually in the form of small text files. They are sent from this Site to the device (PC, tablet, etc.) of Website user and then stored on the device. They allow you to customize the operation of the Service to the preferences of the user.
1.3 The website uses cookies primarily for statistical purposes and to optimize the functioning of the Service. These files are used to identify the returning customers of the site who took advantage of the option to register your account. These files are not used to identify any particular user; they recognize only the device through which the user uses the Internet and a web browser. Cookies are encrypted so as to prevent their use by unauthorized entities.
1.4. The entity placing cookies and receiving access to them on the device user uses the Service on is Splot.
1.5. Cookies may also be used by the sites to which references are placed on this web site (eg. by website "Facebook"). The functioning of the cookies used by such services is a subject to a separate privacy policy used by the service.
1.6. The use of cookies by the Splot is not harmful and does not change the configuration of the device used by the user, or software installed on the device.
1.7.Splot's website uses cookies in the following areas:
1.7.1.cookies – used for statistical purposes; Google Analytics Privacy Policy is described at:;
1.7.2.functional cookies - related to the technical functioning of the Service and its configuration (including adapting its functions to the preference of the user);
1.7.3. social cookies - allow you to integrate with the social networking site; includes cookie associated with a plugin "AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget". AddThis Privacy Policy is described in English at:;
1.7.4. cookies confirming acceptance of the Privacy Policy of the Service;
1.7.5. advertising cookies - allow to customize ads to be shown to the needs of the User; they can also be used to serve ads outside parties Service;
1.7.6. Cookies allow the Splot to advertise on other websites, including adding a link to the Splot's page for reference;
1.7.7. Cookies enable collecting data on how Users access the Website (eg. which pages are most visited)
1.7.8. cookies allow customize the data displayed based on the user location;
1.7.9. cookies allow the authentication of the User visits and adapting functionality of the Service;
1.7.10. cookies allowing verification of the authenticity, optimizing the performance of the Service and its safety;
1.8. Splot uses the following types of cookies on the Site:
1.8.1. "session" cookies - are stored in the browser cache until its closed.
1.8.2. "fixed" cookies - are stored for a longer period, depending on the settings in the user's browser.
2. [Deactivating cookies]
2.1. User can at any time change the Web browser settings for cookies, up to the point of disabling them.
2.2. No change in the cookie settings means acceptance of the cookies used by the Service.
2.3. Changing the level of protection from cookies settings improves security and data protection, but it can also prevent you from using certain features of the Service.
In order to set the individual level of protection from cookies, depending on your Web browser, you should:
a) Mozilla Firefox
From the browser menu select: Tools> Options> Privacy, and then activate the box "Use user settings".
The User decides on acceptance of cookies by clicking the "Accept cookies".
b) Google Chrome
From the browser menu, select: Settings> Show advanced settings> Privacy> Content Settings, and then in the "Cookies" section change the setting of cookies.
c) Internet Explorer
From the browser menu select: Tools> Internet Options> Privacy, and then using the slider to set the chosen level of protection and confirm the change with "OK".
d) Opera
From the browser menu select: Tools> Preferences> Advanced and then select or deselect the "Cookies" entry.

3. [Privacy Policy Changes]Any changes to the privacy policy and the use of cookies by the Splot will be made available on this Website.

4. [Contact Service Administrator]
If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy and the use of cookies by the website, please contact us at the address below:
Splot Artystyczny Sp. z o.o.
17 Jana i Jędrzeja Śniadeckich street
00-654 Warszawa, Poland

Warsaw, October, 10th, 2016